Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Get Inspired By Diamond Bracelets

Large, bold and distinctive diamond bracelets are not more so than the Onyx and Diamond Panther Bracelet made by Cartier and owned by Wallis Simpson. Commissioned in 1952 and today known as one of the most expensive pieces of jewellery having been sold in auction in 2010 for $12.4 million. This magnificent over sized diamond bracelet is an inspiring and alluring piece and described by Sotheby’s  as having an "articulated body designed to encircle the wrist and to assume a stalking attitude, pave-set with brilliant and single-cut diamonds and calibre-cut onyx, the eyes each set with a marquise-shaped emerald".
Cartier, Onyx and Diamond Panther Bracelet

Today show stopping oversized diamond bracelets come in all designs and become a true statement piece that adorns the wrist:

Diamond Carpet Bracelet
This 8 row diamond carpet bracelet made up of 424 emerald cut diamonds resembles a very sparkling diamond cuff. It’s glamorous and indulgent and a true show stopper.

Podicko Diamonds, 8 row diamond Carpet Bracelet

Diamond Cuff
For oversized diamond bracelets try this dazzling diamond cuff by Chopard. Mirroring delicate and intricate lacework, endless diamonds wrap around the wrist perfectly.

Chopard, Dazzling Diamond Cuff Bracelet

Diamond Bangles
Bangles often associated with intricate and exquisite designs of India, has been recreated by Harry Winston with the Lily Cluster diamond bangle.  With over 470 brilliant round diamonds and a total carat weight of 8.42 carats.

Harry Winston, Diamond Lily Cluster Bracelet

Diamond with Onyx Bracelets
Diamond and Onyx are a perfect match the colours bouncing off each other. Cartier uses this stunning mix in their iconic panther bracelets which creates a truly timeless and elegant appeal. Bvlgari in its new Diva collection has used diamonds and onyx in their bracelet collection.

Diamond and Onyx Braclets by Cartier and Bvlgari 

Diamond Flexible Bracelet
Oversized and yet delicate the Van Cleef and Arpel’s Palmyre Bracelet is light and feminine. Diamonds flow like chain mail in openwork setting of  five rows of brilliant round diamonds set in 18K white gold.

Van Cleef and Arpels, Palmyre Bracelet

Modern Diamond Bracelet
Unmistakably modern design by Bvlgari is their Serpenti Collection. Their large solid yet elegant diamond bracelets wrap around the wrist.
Bvlgari, Diamond Serpenti Bracelet

Monday, 15 December 2014

How to Wear Hoop Earrings

If you feel like heading back a few decades then it's time to put the hoops back on. They are the ultimate throwback in the best way possible. So if you are looking for a piece of jewellery that looks great with any outfit and put the finishing touches to 'your look' then hoops should be your go-to item.

Classic Diamond Hoops
Diamond hoops are a classic that never go out of style. They have a timeless, ageless appeal especially with the classic prong setting that lie beautifully off the ear.

Podicko Diamonds, Classic Asscher Cut Diamond Hoops

Retro Hoops
Straight off the runway from the Spring/Summer 2015 Louis Vuitton show, a model showed off disk earrings with the allure of the 1970s by the designer Camille Miceli. A truely retro way to wear the iconic hoop.

Camille Miceli, Retro Hoops

Branded Hoops
If you are a brand addict then there are a number of hoop options to choose from. Bvlgari, Louis Vuitton and Cartier's hoops from their trademark Love collection are to name a few.
The Louis Vuitton V style hoop earrings are sleek and elegant and are hallmarked with the LV lettering.

                                   Bvlgari and Louis Vuitton, Branded Hoops

Metallic "Pearl" Hoops
Modern, chic and eye catching the 'pearl' style hoops sumptuously drape from the ear and make style statement.

Van Cleef & Arpels and Louis Vuitton, Metallic 'Pear' Earrings

Oversized and Minimalist Hoop
A look that may not appeal to all is the oversized hoop which sit on the shoulders. Not for the faint hearted you will definitely not be missed in the Emporio Amarni minimalist hoops.

Emporio Armani, Oversized and Minimalist Hoops

Urban Jungle
Inspired by bamboo these Creole gold hoops at the Balmain Fall/Winter 2014-2015 show give a tribal twist.
Balmain, Urban Jungle Hoops

Double Hoops
Intertwining double hoops are double the impact and this modern twist on the hoop by Piaget is from their Possession Collection. They symbolise eternal love with intertwining diamond hoops. 

Piaget, Double Hoops

Gold Hoops
The reinvention of the old classic these gold hoops by Tiffany when styled right add a great touch. At Dior, timeless mesh earrings resembling lattice work are made from 18K gold that reinterpret their 'Cannage' design.
Tiffany and Dior, Gold Hoops

Romantic Hoop
Elegant hoops by Dior with their Bois de Rose in 18K gold with diamonds take on the look of rose stems

Dior, Romantic Hoops

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Diamonds Providing a Solution to Investors' Dilemma

In recent years investors, and many people who simply have modest to large sums of cash on hand, have been faced with a dilemma – where to put their money?

The global financial crisis of 2008 had a huge impact on investment strategies. As the U.S. housing market collapsed, the expression 'Safe as houses' suddenly appeared to be a poor joke. And as the consequent recession in the United States and Europe, particularly in the latter, failed to dissipate, investors' faith in stocks and bonds was also hit hard.

As investors desperately looked for somewhere safe to put their money, the options, it became clear, were somewhat limited, particularly for those looking to also reduce their tax exposure. Even gold, long seen as the classic safe haven investment, particularly in times of volatility, has taken a hit with the price of the yellow metal plunging over the past three years.

Can diamonds become the new gold? Prices of diamonds have soared by more than 70 percent over the past five years, providing a solid case for investors to place their cash in them. Investment firms are springing up to assist investors looking to put their money in white, or colorless, diamonds. Unlike gold, or other precious metals, and commodities, there is no spot price for diamonds because there are so many varieties and classifications.

Investors can invest in diamonds in several ways: by buying actual diamonds, investing in shares of diamond mining and exploration firms, and by putting money into exchange traded funds backed entirely by real diamonds. That still leaves investors exposed to classic issues, however, such as which firms to invest in. Are they speculative, or do they have a real chance of finding diamonds?

 Although there are many thousands of classifications of diamonds, among the safest ways of investing in diamonds is to go for the highest quality and make of stones. In diamonds, that means stones with the highest colors – D, E and F, and clarity-wise, Internally Flawless and Excellent make.
Clearly those diamonds are among the most expensive on the market, but the upside is that demand for them is constant since investors and collectors with investment funds in the range of tens and hundreds of millions of dollars are also scouring the world for precisely those stones. 

A portable store of money, the advantage of investing in top-quality diamonds is widely recognized. And with demand from China and other parts of Asia on the rise and supply seen declining in the coming decade as mines deplete, the case for investing in diamonds is constantly on the rise.

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Thursday, 6 November 2014

How the Colour of the Year 2014 has Inspired Jewellery Collections

Radiant orchid the colour of the year 2014 has proven to be an inspiration for many jewellery collections. A colour full of magical warmth it glows when translated into jewellery due to its expressive and creative tones. The harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink and its variations are reflected in beautiful pink sapphires, fancy pink diamonds, conch pearls, pink tourmalines, rubies and ethereal amethysts.

Podicko Diamonds, Pink Oval Brocade Diamond Ring

Bvlgari's luxurious Sapphire Flower collection stays true to its signature clean lines, smooth and flawless finishing and exquisite choice of stones. The collection is filled with purple amethysts, fancy sapphires, cabochon rubellites, pink tourmalines, pave diamonds and olive green peridots which contrast perfectly with the purples and pinks.

Bvlgari, Sapphire Flower Ring

Chaumet, as part of their Bee My Love collection around the bee and honeycomb which symbolise growing love have created a pearl and pink sapphire necklace. Made with 34 coloured pink cultured pearls and 2.36 carats of brilliant cut pink sapphires with a matching ring of pink sapphires and rubies encasing a beautiful white pearl of over 34 carats.

Chaumet, Bee My Love Necklace

Chopard's new Imperiale collection introduces the powerful purple amethyst which is emboldened by metal crafted lace and oozes regal elegance and an aura of majestic femininity.

Chopard, Imperial Earrings

Piaget, Limelight Garden Party Ring with one oval cut tourmaline and 346 pink sapphires is a delight. A spiral of sapphires and diamonds are topped with an intense pink tourmaline.

Piaget, Limelight Garden Party Ring

As part of their Peau D'Ane collection, Van Cleef & Arpels Pour Tourjours ring celebrates the pink sapphire surrounded by pink and white diamonds that evokes the Indian influence in their designs.

Van Cleef and Arpels, Pour Toujours Ring

Saturday, 18 October 2014

How Water has Become an Inspiration for Jewellery Brands

Spectacular gem pieces that explore the freedom and flow of water in all its forms has been celebrated in a number of the most exclusive jewellery collections.

Podicko Diamonds, Sapphire Spiral Earrings

Van Cleef and Arpels new high jewellery collection L’Atlantide has created a stunning collection around the myth of a magical undersea world, that contains some unforgettable pieces. Their Tourmaline ring which is inspired by whirling water, sprinkled with beads of foam surrounding a beautiful and unique 20.44 carat Paraiba tourmaline wrapped in diamonds. This unusual ring is technically outstanding. The gem is set perfectly highlighting its deep and breathtaking lagoon colour from every angle.

Van Cleef & Arpels L'Atlantide Tourmaline Ring

In other pieces of the collection the paradise of Atlantis is discovered with their beautiful Oranda Clip, Castalie Earrings and Amentha necklace.

Chaumet’s new Lumieres d’Eau collection pays tribute to the wonder of water and all its forms; streams, rain-drenched skies, sun-lit lakes, asymmetric stalactites and frozen beauties. One of its centre pieces is a large bold blue sapphire ring with perfectly set diamonds.
Chaumet, Lumieres d'Eau Ring

In the collection there is The Abyss where Tanzanite is the star with starry earrings, a long necklace embellished with a tassel of graded lapis lazuli and black spinels and a ring adorned with a tanzanite and sculpted lapis lazuli. In the Dancing Water diamond jewellery is inspired by swirls of water.

Chaumet, Lumieres d'Eau Dancing Water Earrings

Harry Winston renowned for his rare and exceptional pieces has his own water theme running in his New York collection. His timeless and beautiful River pieces one of which is made of diamonds and 13 round sapphires is a stand out. 

Harry Winston, New York Collection River Ring

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

The Bold and the Beautiful

Big, bold and beautiful can be applied to the present crop of rings. Solid, large carat gems that seek to make a statement. Bashful they are not.
Podicko Diamonds, Fancy Pink Diamond Flower Ring

Piaget certainly has not shied away from the big and the bold. Their Limelight Collection is a tasty treat inspired by colourful and playful cocktails. Each piece is named after a drink such as their ruby and emerald ‘Watermelon Dream’ or their Mojitio Inspiration which carves a perfect ‘slice of lemon’ from yellow diamonds against a stunning green tourmaline and splashes of green emeralds.
Piaget Limelight 'Watermelon Dream' Cocktail Ring

Chaumet’s new Lumieres d’Eau part of their high jewellery collection celebrates water in all its forms; streams, rain-drenched skies, sun-lit lakes, asymmetric stalatites and frozen beauties. One of its centre pieces is a big bold blue sapphire ring set off with perfectly set diamonds. 

Chaumet, Lumieres d'Eau Ring

Chaumet’s Hortensia collection celebrates the hydrangea in full bloom. The collection features 24 pieces including eight splendid rings where rubies, pink sapphires and diamonds represent the flower. Wallflowers they certainly aren’t.

Chaumet, Hortensia Ring

Harry Winston is known for their statement pieces that grace the red carpet. His Incredibles Collection has some showstoppers and contain some of the rarest, most vibrant gems.  Signature pieces such as the Qipao and Caftan diamond encrusted rings are reminiscent of the company’s earlier designs.  

Harry Winston, Qipao Ring part of The Incredibles Collection

Family-owned German jeweller Wellendorf is identified for its’ bold rope inspired rings and the use of striking colours which run throughout the brand.

Wellendorf, Signature enamel spinning rings

Cartier is not one to fade into the background with their emblematic panther that since 1914 has inspired a timeless and elegant collection of jewellery. Their new Panthere de Cartier set with 545 brilliant cut diamonds, emerald and onyx is a beautifully bold design and carries on the theme with force.

Cartier, Panthere de Cartier Ring

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Rose Gold Makes a Comeback

Rose gold first popularized almost a century ago has made a comeback. Synonymous with 1920s elegance, today it has a unique modern charm with an antique twist. Also known as red gold its beautiful sparkling pink hue has once again become a staple of any jewellery lovers’ collection.

Podicko Diamonds Fancy Diamond Mixed Cut Ring Set in 18k Rose Gold

The secret to the beauty of the rose gold colour is down to copper. It is by mixing both yellow gold and copper together that is creates this unique metal. 

Rose gold originated in Russia during the 19th century where it first became fashionable and was known as Russian gold. Its popularity and dominance spread during the Victorian era along with yellow gold. During the 1920s Cartier reestablished rose gold’s presence with their iconic Trinity band which was made of three interlocking yellow, rose and white gold bands.  Rose gold made another resurgence in the 1930s in a style known as retro modern and then again the 1940s when platinum was restricted.
Cartier Trinity De Cartier classic 3 bands with 3 types of gold intertwined originally created by Louis Cartier in 1924

Rose Gold’s recent popularity can be connected to the comeback of colour and femininity in fashion following the 1990s obsession with black, white and minimalism and the popularity of silver. This time around, it looks like rose gold will have staying power as women are choosing it for engagement and wedding bands as well as classic timepieces.

Podicko Diamond Radiant Cut Diamond Wedding Band set in 18k Rose Gold

The top reasons to wear rose gold:
-          It is more rare than other gold
-          It has a unique, vintage quality
-          The pink hue of the gold and copper alloy matches well with all skin types
-          Rose gold has an understated elegant look without the ‘bling-effect’
-          It has a very feminine, pretty look
-          Perfect metal for wedding and engagement ring due to its inherently romantic feel

Chaumet Hortensia Earrings in 18kgold, angel skin and pink opal, pink tourmalines, diamonds set with 2 brilliant cut diamonds

Its place in high jewellery collections
With rose gold’s rise in popularity it is now taking centre stage in exclusive high jewellery collections. From Piaget to Cartier rose gold is making a stand as a beautiful metal in the finest pieces and collections.

                                         Piaget Rose Ring and Earrings set in 18k Rose Gold

Tiffany Olive Leaf Cuff in 18k Rose Gold

Van Cleef & Arpels Perlee Collection